TPS instruction/information sheets:

  • Hardware quick reference guide (cheat sheet), summarising handings for locks, etc: Click here
  • Hardware information sheet, detailing the various hardware options, codes, photos, etc: Click here
  • Detailed glazing instructions for -/90/90: Click here
  • General welding and processing equipment: (coming soon)
  • Unico inactive door sealing piece instructions: Click here
  • External glazing instruction and important information: Click here
  • Glazing and seal instructions, -/60/60: Click here
  • Treatment of external steel framework: Click here
  • PRESTO hardware summary: Click here
  • Pair hardware top shoot installation/adjustment: (coming soon)

TPS Layout guides:

  • LOG-001-0514: -/120/120 Fuego Light, 52mm: Click here

Forster installation/processing instructions:

  • Instructions / operator Manual for drilling template 909110, screw fix hinges: Click here
  • Forster general processing guidelines (54 pages, 4.2MB): Click here
  • Fuego Light EXTERNAL beading and seal selection guide: Click here
  • Fuego Light INTERNAL beading and seal selection guide: Click here
  • Mechanical Spigot joint drawings: Click here
  • Forster EffEff 331-131 elec strike cut out details: Click here
  • EffEff 331 wiring instructions: Click here
  • Full construction manual – Fuego Light (96Mb): Click here
  • Full construction manual – Fuego Light Special Products (42Mb)products: Click here
  • Link to Forster page with all construction and processing manuals, Click here

Pilkington documents:

  • Guideline for the evaluation of visual quality: Click here





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