Bullet resistant windows and doors

Bullet (ballistic) resistant glass doors and windows are available in a number of international ballistic ratings, and combine independently tested frames and glass types.

These doors and windows provide slim frame profiles, are available with thermal break for superior energy performance, and provide protection from ballistic attack without compromising aesthetic design.

Door and window systems with ballistic ratings:

Forster Unico

  • Thermally broken steel framing system
  • Narrow profiles
  • Single and pair hinged doors (up to G2)
  • Fixed screens and window combinations (up to R2)
  • Tested and certified for G0, G1, G2, and R2, to AS 2343:1997
  • Tested and Certified to FB4 according to EN 1522
  • For G2 Bullet resistant WINDOWS Data Sheet…Click here
  • For G2 Bullet resistant DOORS Data Sheet… contact TPS
  • For R2 Bullet resistant WINDOWS Data Sheet…Click here

Forster Presto

  • Non insulated, cost effective steel framing system
  • narrow profiles
  • Single and pair doors
  • Fixed screen
  • Bullet resistant for G0, G1 and G2 (AS 2343) / FB4 according to EN 1522
  • Note: As at March 2015, TPS-Presto ballistic windows have now been completely superseded by the Unico range of ballistic windows (see above).  This is due to the superior performance and lower manufacturing costs associated with Unico ballistic windows.

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