Fire Windows

TPS fire windows provide certified fire resistance for Integrity and Insulation approved to AS1530.4, opening up a wide range of building design opportunities, without sacrificing fire protection.  Both integrity only and fully insulated windows use the Forster framing system combined with Pilkington® fire rated glazing.

Fire windows that incorporate both integrity and insulation protection provide the best protection for property, life, and fire fighting, as they restrict the spread of flames AND heat.  These are especially suited for applications where protection of both life and fire spread are required, such as fire rated corridors, stairwells, and internal fire walls.  All steel framed windows utilise the Forster framing system, and integrate seamlessly with the TPS range of glazed fire doors.

A select range of timber frame windows are also available for both internal and external applications.

Integrity only windows provide protection against flame spread, but do not provide production against flashover due to heat transfer, nor protection for occupants near the window.  They are generally best suited for external locations that do not require protection for occupants, or protection against fire spread due to heat transfer.

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