Medical and Hermetic Doors

Manufactured by Micomdoor® and distributed by TPS, these automatic hermetically sealed medical grade doors have been specifically designed for use in areas where hygiene and atmospheric control are essential, including operating theatres, radiology areas, clean rooms and laboratories. 

Thanks to their great sealing characteristics and maximum levels of safety and hygiene, they offer the perfect solution for spaces that require special insulation such as the pharmaceutical, food or chemical industries. Their smooth and silent operation also make them ideal for hospital use.

These automatic doors are certified under the most stringent European regulations and we offer a wide range of styles depending on use, colour or size:

  • Sliding Hermetic doors
  • Hinged Hermetic doors
  • Sliding Semi-Hermetic doors
  • X-Ray room doors
  • Observation room doors

Technical features can be combined to ensure maximum performance for the most demanding application.

Micomdoor hermetic doors are designed and manufactured according to the following standards: UNE 85170:2016 (Pedestrian doors for operating rooms, clean rooms and controlled environment rooms) and EN 16005.

A wide variety of accessories are provided as standard and optional extras, including proximity sensors, elbow switches, safety photo cells, etc.

For more information, please contact us and we will assist with helping your specify the best solution for your project.


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