Fire resistant windows, doors & curtains

The TPS range of fire rated door, window and curtain systems are all approved to AS1530.4. The use of glazed fire and smoke protection can provide huge building design opportunities without sacrificing the fire protection and safety of the building.

It is important to be aware that neither the frame nor glass has a fire rating – it is always the system that has the approved fire rating.
The first and most important step in choosing an appropriate system is to determine the required Fire Resistance Level (FRL) to meet the relevant section of the Building Code of Australia (BCA).  All fire ratings are classified according to FRL, which incorporates 3 different numbers, and is represented as X/Y/Z, where X= structural adequacy (always 0 or “-” for doors and windows), Y= the integrity (the ability to restrict flames), and Z= insulation (the ability to restrict the passage of thermal heat, thereby providing a safe environment for people while also preventing fire spread via flash-over). 

TPS offer a huge range of certified systems including:

  • Hinged door and window systems from -/30/30 through to -/120/120 (fully insulated) (details)
  • Non insulated door and window systems from -/30/- through to -/120/- (details)
  • Timber framed fire windows and timber fire rated doors incorporating large areas of glass (details)
  • Smoke resistance doors and windows with certified smoke leakage data (details)
  • For bushfire applications, ratings are determined via BAL (Bushfire Attack Level). TPS offer a wide range of solutions via our bushfire approved products (details).
  • Fire curtains that can be used in alternative design solutions to reduce the spread of fire in some applications (details)

For more information on the Pilkington Pyrostop® and Pilkington Pyrodur® range of fire rated glass, please click here.

Please contact us directly for any assistance with your next building design, and we can provide architectural and specification support directly from our Australian based office, and also via our network of approved fabrications across Australia and New Zealand.


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